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By recent estimates, there are some 430,000 apartments and 100,000 houses and villas in Dubai. These range from modest studio apartments that rent for less than £500 per month to massive multi-storey villas with 6 bedrooms and private pools on expansive lots for £10,000+ per month. Below, the team at take a look at renting in Dubai.


The Right Way to Rent in Dubai Per Month


If you are interested in renting in Dubai, keep these helpful tips in mind.


Necessary documents


Before you are offered a contract, you will need to produce a valid passport, a copy of your Residence Visa, an Emirates ID and proof of a bank account in Dubai. 


Find the right rental property


The easiest way to find apartments is to Google “apartments to rent in Dubai”. You will be presented with a variety of local property agent websites. Select your criteria from the drop-down menus and then make a note of the properties you like along with contact info.


View properties


Get in touch with the contacts for your short list of properties and arrange viewings. Be aware the property agent may try to redirect you towards properties they think are a better match for you.


Make an offer


In some cases, the landlord will be willing to negotiate a rental price. In other cases, they won’t. Negotiations, if they happen, will cover the deposit amount, rental amount, number of payments and more.


Sign the contract


Once everyone is in agreement on the details of the rental contract, both parties will need to sign it. After signing, you will be expected to present however much rent was agreed upon. Remember, if the landlord insists on 3 or 4 large payments, can arrange it, so you only have to pay 12 smaller monthly payments.


Contact DEWA


Once the contract is signed, you will need to contact the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority to have these utilities connected. When you do, make sure you have the appropriate documents ready: copies of your passport, DEWA number (found on the property’s exterior), title deed, DEWA Form, a Setup fee of AED 130, and refundable deposit.

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