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If you plan to buy or rent property in Dubai, it’s best to work with a property agent. While most property agents in Dubai are fine, upstanding business people who put their client’s needs ahead of their own, it is nonetheless possible that you may run into a less scrupulous agent. Fortunately, separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to property agents is a pretty simple process. Here’s how you do it.



5 Steps to Finding a Property Agent in Dubai


Before you decide on a property agent to represent your interests in Dubai, make use of the following tips:


1: Google them: Before you meet a property agent, do a quick Google search on them and the company they work for. Look at their website and their Facebook page (if they have one), and see what others are saying about them. 


2: Interview them: It’s a good idea to treat your first encounter with the agent as though you are the employer and they want to work for you. In a polite manner, ask about their experience and the type of clients they work with and try to get a feel for them personally.


3: Ask for references: Any reputable property agent in Dubai should be more than happy to provide you with references, if you ask. So don’t be shy. Ask. If the property agent is reluctant or refuses to produce references, you should thank them for their time and try someone else.


4: Ask about their credentials: Are they licensed to conduct real estate transactions, or are they freelancing? Do they have any other type of relevant credentials they can produce? It’s important to make sure your property agent in Dubai has the proper credentials.


5: Go with your gut: Even if everything checks out as far as credentials and references go, but you still don’t feel comfortable, simply choose a different agent. There are a lot of good property agents in Dubai to choose from.


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