Moving to Dubai from India

Many Indian citizens live in Dubai. Like everyone else, they are drawn here by the business opportunities, lifestyle amenities, climate, safety and the highly developed infrastructure. If you are thinking of moving to Dubai from India to take advantage of the employment opportunities, world-class shopping and laid-back lifestyle, you will need to know a few things about the place first.



Moving to Dubai from India: The Basics


Before you move into your new Dubai accommodations, you will need to have the appropriate visa. There are several different kinds:


  • Residence Visa: Valid for up to 10 years. The Residence Visa can also be renewed.
  • Employment Visa: In most cases, employers will handle the Employment Visa for you.
  • Dependent Visa: If your family are already living in Dubai, they may sponsor you for this visa.
  • Freelance Visa: People who work for themselves may be able to obtain a Freelance Visa.
  • Property Ownership Visa: Dubai is small so buying land here is difficult. But it can be done.



About Life in Dubai


The people of Dubai are by nature warm and welcoming, with an ancient culture that emphasizes hospitality. However, it’s important to remember that you are a guest and should respect local customs and traditions. For the most part, that simply means restraining oneself in public. 




There are countless places to rent in Dubai. Just be aware that landlords typically ask for 3 or 4 large rent payments per year. If this presents a problem for you, 12 Cheques provide a simple service that enables you to make 12 monthly payments.





As of this writing, some 3.5 million Indians live in the UAE, including Dubai. As such you will not have to look far to find someone who speaks your language. Most Emiratis also speak English, so language should not be a significant stumbling block.





The popular perception is that Dubai is always baking hot. The reality is that while the summer months can get hot, the dry heat means it feels cooler than it is. Also, temperatures moderate significantly during spring and fall, and the weather is absolutely delightful in the winter.


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