Moving to Dubai from the UK


Dubai has essentially been built from the ground up to accommodate international investors and expats. The people are warm and welcoming and both the healthcare and transportation infrastructures are first-rate. The location is also ideal for anyone who enjoys leisure travel or who needs to travel frequently on business. And housing here is less expensive than in major Western cities. Still, moving to Dubai from the UK will take some planning and there are some things you will need to be aware of.  



Moving to Dubai from the UK: What’s Involved?


The following are 6 things you should be mindful of if you plan on moving to Dubai from the UK.



1: Who Will Sponsor Your Residence Visa


Tourists arriving in Dubai from the UK are granted a 30-day Visa on Arrival. However, those wishing to actually move here to work will need to find a UAE citizen to sponsor their visa. This is typically done by the company they work for. Retirees looking to set down roots here will need to meet certain financial requirements. Those include:


  • Investing in real estate worth at least AED 2 million (approximately £500,000).
  • Having verifiable savings of at least AED 1 million (approximately £250,000).
  • Having an active income of at least AED 20 thousand per month (approximately £5,000). This could be in the form of a pension or investment income.  



2: Learning some Arabic is Helpful but Not Necessary


The official language of the UAE, including Dubai, is Arabic. While it is not mandatory that you learn and speak Arabic, Emiratis definitely appreciate it when people make an effort to communicate with them in their native language. That said, there are many times more expats in Dubai than there are native people so you should have no trouble finding others who speak English, French or Spanish. 



3: Respect the Culture


Dubai is a very safe and easy place to live and work, and the people are routinely warm and welcoming. While that makes the decision to move here from the UK very simple for some, it’s important to never lose sight of the fact that you are still a guest. Dubai has its own rich history and culture and all that is asked of visitors and expats is that they respect that.


Typically that means nothing more than dressing modestly in public, being considerate of others when you take photos, being polite and generally behaving like an adult. If you can do those things the odds that you will ever run afoul of local law enforcement are remote.



4: The UAE National ID Card


If you plan on relocating to Dubai from the UK you will need to obtain a UAE National ID Card. The card is mandatory for all residents, native and foreign and must be kept on your person at all times. Failing to carry it with you could result in stiff fines if caught. The Dubai ID Card is used for a variety of purposes, including:


  • Opening a bank account
  • Accessing hospital or government services
  • Obtaining a local driver’s license
  • Passing through immigration at the airport



5: 12 Cheques Can Help You Arrange for Monthly Rent Payments


Landlords in Dubai are used to receiving quarterly rent payments of several months at a time. However, this may not be optimal for some due to cash flow reasons. Not to worry! 12 Cheques provide a simple solution that enables renters to make the standard monthly payments they’re used to.

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