Guaranteed rental income

Up to 3 months
guarantees landlords  
3 months rent in the case of tenant default.


background check

We are risk experts and screen thoroughly each applicant to assure the best tenants to our landlords.


The 12Cheques guarantee offers the same protection as having 4 cheques in your hand. If a tenant defaults on monthly payments, 12Cheques will cover the whole quarter.

Rent faster &

Attract tenants by offering more flexible payment and reduce your vacancy.

Fast release of the

Claims are settled by the Rental Dispute Center and landlords receive payment within 2 working days.

Protected by
the best

Partnered with Alliance insurance PSC
so landlords can enjoy
the highest protection from our
rental guarantee.

Our 12Cheques Guarantee is fully
approved by the Central Bank.

Need to make
a claim?

The vast majority of rental
agreements end without a dispute
but we’re here when it happens.

In case of unpaid rent, we will cover
up to 3 months rent, even better than
having 4 cheques in your hand.

Dispute sorted quickly

Claims are settled by the Rental Dispute Center fairly and quickly.

Fast payout

Once a court order is issued, all we need is your bank details and 12Cheques landlords receive approved payments within just a few days.

Ensuring good conduct

Tenants are financially responsible for rent arrears. We will recover our collection costs from the tenants directly. Non payment may impact their credit history.

How do I
get started?

To become a 12Cheques landlord, all you need to do is get in touch.

We will confirm a few details with you, you can then offer
the 12Cheques guarantee directly to your tenant, or if you have an agent
that rents your property, you can refer them to us.

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