How to Rent an Apartment in Dubai


The forward-thinking leadership of Dubai have made it easy for those wishing to rent property here to do so. Below, the team at will take you through how to rent an apartment in Dubai.


How to Rent an Apartment in Dubai in 4 Easy Steps


Renting beautiful, spacious, modern accommodations in Dubai is as easy as following these 4 steps.


1: Locate the right apartment


There are numerous websites showcasing property for rent in Dubai. A simple Google search will turn up dozens of them. Search through the available listings, filtering the results by way of cost, size, location and any other criteria that are important to you. Create a shortlist making sure to note the name and phone number of each contact person. Get in touch with each person and arrange a viewing time.


2: Viewing the apartment


Make the most of your viewing opportunity. Some of the things you should look for are the proximity of public transport, building security, whether the area is noisy or quiet, the quality of shared amenities like a pool and gym and proximity to things like restaurants, shopping malls and grocery stores. You may also want to ask about rules regarding overnight guests.


3: Hammer out the details


If you like the apartment make sure you are clear on things like the security deposit, start date and whether the landlord requires quarterly rental payments. 3 or 4 large payments per year is normal in Dubai. If that is problematic for you simply get in touch with We provide a convenient service that will enable you to split your rent into 12 monthly payments.


4: Pay the deposit, sign the contract and move in


The security deposit typically amounts to 5% of the annual rent and is entirely refundable. (Make sure you receive a receipt from the rental agent for the full amount.) Remember, before signing the contract, you will need to produce your passport and a copy of your residency visa. Go through the rental agreement carefully to make sure nothing has been overlooked. When you are satisfied, sign the contract and start the process of moving in.

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