Dubai House Rent Per Month


Entrepreneurs, working professionals, families and retirees from all over the world are flocking to Dubai to take advantage of the quality of life. Besides being warm and dry, Dubai offers beautiful beaches, world-class restaurants and shopping, safety and high-tech infrastructure that is the envy of much of the world. There is also a wide variety of accommodations available, including spacious homes on large lots within a few minutes of all the above-mentioned amenities. But what is the cost of Dubai house rent per month? Below, we’ll answer that question.



The Cost of Dubai House Rent Per Month


The number and variety of rental properties in Dubai ensure that there is something for everyone. Many people who move here, especially working professionals with families, opt to rent a home or a villa rather than an apartment, and there are plenty of beautiful ones to choose from. Renting a home in Dubai is easier than most people assume, and the costs, while not cheap, are typically less than you might expect, considering everything you get for your money.



Cost of Renting a Home or Villa in Dubai


Should you choose to rent a stand-alone home or villa, the cost will depend on the location and the size of the home. The following are average estimated costs based on market conditions as of the time of this writing.


Home or Villa Size Yearly Cost Quarterly Cost Monthly Cost
3 bedrooms £45,000 £11,250 £3,750
5 bedrooms £70,000 £17,500 £5,800


In Dubai, it is traditional for landlords to request tenants make quarterly payments. For some people moving to Dubai, this may create cash flow problems. Not to worry! provide a simple and convenient service that enables you to make more modest monthly payments. Make sure to contact us before you sign your lease in Dubai and move in.



Utilities and Other Related Costs


Utilities are not normally included in the rental cost. You will need to contact the relevant authorities before moving in to arrange water, electric, internet and other services. On average, you can expect your monthly utility costs to be anywhere from £100 – £250.

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